Our innovative recruiting techniques ensure access to top talent in each of our niche divisions. Volt 

works collaboratively with customers to forecast upcoming staffing needs and implement high-

impact sourcing strategies to identify direct-hire and temporary candidates. To optimize the quality of our candidate sourcing, Premium Consulting Group focuses on current skill sets, emerging technologies, and next generation trends. Our employment network includes top talent in a wide 

range of job disciplines and accommodates heavy ramp-up periods requiring a multitude of

personnel in a short amount of time. PHRS strategy for ensuring the continual availability of qualified employees for our customers and resources for identifying qualified candidates include extensive sourcing efforts including. 

  • Internet Recruiting
  • Internal Networking and Redeployment 
  • Community Relations Representatives 
  • Incentive/Referral Programs
  • Local/Regional Community Recruiting
  • Associate Vendor Relationships