House Keeping: 

In today’s day and age, when the world is moving at a breakneck speed, individuals find it tough to maintain the well -being of the environment surrounding them. Hence, with expert skills in the field of housekeeping and various other cleaning related potentialities, we introduce our initiatives that offer Mechanized Housekeeping facilities, catering towards every brick of your company’s premises as well as the structure residing in it. 

With our experienced panel of housekeeping experts at work, our dedicated services ensure a spotless environment and hygienic office surroundings, guaranteeing lifelong reliability and quality. Customers are our top priority and that makes them the ultimate deciders in terms of their choices and preferences.choices and preferences. 

Our rendered services ensure that every commercial need and expect is flawlessly met as well as surpassed, leaving our customers satisfied and contented. Our government-sanctioned services are conducted by trained professionals as well as include a thorough role of supervision, leaving no chances of incomplete execution The measures followed by the housekeeping are also eco                                                                                                       no chances of incomplete execution. The measures followed by the housekeeping are also eco - friendly and mechanisms are also very effective and done in an eco -friendly manner. The supplies we use for cleaning are also made up of eco –friendly material.

Hospitality & Pantry : 

Our staffs are trained to take care of your professional needs just the way you like it. The directions provided by the client are highly valued and taken into consideration during the delivery of the service. With our experienced rendering of services you can blindly find your way through your pantry. Hire our Pantry boy for pantry Service once and that will be the end to your pantry problems. 

Driver – Lets DriveU: 

We only hire drivers with clean background and criminal records. They’re also trained in etiquette to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. 

Our drivers are experienced and know the quickest routes around the city. Trust us and hire a driver through PHRS.

Corporate Cleaning and Maintenance : 

Our reputation has been built over many years of successfully delivering a wide range of services under one umbrella. Customer satisfaction, quality service and value for money are our key focus. Whether our customers require a daily, weekly, monthly or simply a one-time- only service, we can deliver. We provide a cleaning service tailored to the needs of our 

customers, within budget, on time, and with a dedication to getting it right every time.

We offer cost effective, preventative and reactive maintenance solutions to our customers throughout Ahmedabad. These services can be delivered as an integrated package or an individually. We believe that by offering our customers holistic facility related services, we can achieve a better, more efficient partnership. 

Our staff is suitably qualified and experienced with appropriate licenses and registrations to ensure compliance and workmanship standards. We will certify that work is complete and complies with all relevant industry regulations and standards. Our staff is linked to contract specific service level agreements. These service level agreements are instrumental in maintaining high standards of service and compliance.